Laboratory animals are not sacrificed:
June 17, 2019

The production of imaging apparatus for observation of the distribution of medicine in the body of animal animals by Iranian researchers.

The researchers at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences presented a device for testing the drug in the animal phase, which, with 3D imaging, provides the ability to view the distribution of the drug in the animal body and hope to commercialize the device with the standard of Europe.
Dr. SedighehMarjanehHejazi, the moderator of the project, referred to the ISNA technology journalist as a device designed as a “molecular fluorescence cutter” device, and said: “This device was designed to evaluate the distribution of drugs and pharmaceutical substances and early diagnosis of cancer in animal models.
She noted the performance of this device: it consists of electronic and mechanical parts. The animal enters the device after anesthesia, and filtering device starts to rotate around the animal after injection of the medicine, it shows the distribution of the drug in the animal body by taking three-dimensional images.
Hejazi emphasized that the system’s imaging system includes three 473nm laser, 532nm and 769nm with an output power of 20mm, lasers used are diode lasers and are placed in such a way that infrared radiation direction is orthogonal to the radiation paths of the laser beams of 473 and 533 nm.
She added that the use of dielectric filters would adapt the radiation paths of blue, green and infrared rays to each other, and that the laser beam created by mirrors of 45 degrees to be exposed to a mechanical scanner.
The designer, with the emphasis on the fact that the florescent photogrammetric device is a tomography device, explained that the device uses a laser to imaging the animal organs in a layered layer.
She also reminded: images are obtained by labeling the animal with a fluorescent substance. Hejazi, emphasizing that the device is made for pre-clinical and laboratory equipment, said: “When a drug is to be marketed, it is necessary to conduct a series of experiments in the animal phase. These experiments are applicable with this device.
She added: “In addition, it can also be used by researchers in basic sciences, biochemistry and immunology.” The researcher continued: The device designed for small animals is as good as rat, and animals such as rabbits cannot be used on this device.
Hejazi announced talks to commercialize the device and noted: The Florescent tomography Machine has been awarded CE and European patents. This device ranked third in the 20th Razi Science Research Festival.