The Unique Dark Liquid Viewer

Designed for pharmaceutical and laboratory environments, the LiquVision Liquid Viewer has a polarised inspection light for the detection of particulate matter in transparent liquids contained in ampoules, vials and bottles. Particulate contamination can be unintentionally present in injections and intravenous infusions, and this unit provides a simple method of detection.
To operate, simply hold the container between the light panel and the polarising screen, shake or swirl the container, and any particles will show as bright specks against a dark background.




• The unit consists of a viewing station incorporated in a compact and hygienic stainless steel frame.
• Adjustable frame height to suit the individual users preferred height and angle when in use.
• Includes storage case enabling the unit to be stored away when not in use.
• Includes adjustable magnifier to suit individual’s preference of viewing size.
• Uses LED light source for optimum bulb life.
• Optional IQ/OQ documentation available to order.


Illumination VS Distance