The first open imaging system for in vivo fluorescence imaging



FluoVision is a range of systems for in vivo fluorescence imaging. It provides real time images and video of fluorescent signals in living animals, for non-invasive imaging surgery or dissection (interaoperative imaging), for small and large animals.

Fluo Vision is a unique instrument optimizedfor samples that are too large for standard fluorescence imaging system.

Main Indications
• Oncology
• Biodistribution& targeting probe development
• Lymph nodes
• Cardiovascular research
• Immuology
• Infectious diseaes

• High sensitivity
• Great flexibility with the open space design
• Works with white light
• Records in real time images and videos
• Easy to install, to use, to move

• LEDs
Up to 4 custom wavelength range (typical range 460± 15nm, 485±15nm, 530±20nm, 740±20nm)

• Five emission filters for fluorescence imaging
(500, 550, 600, 650, 800)±20nm
Custom filters available upon request

• Holder
“Ct and MRI ready” PPMA animal plate holder

• No external Coolers

• Advanced Software
Ease of use and familiarity

• Cost Effective
Save money and get better pewrformance



The following images are related to intravenous injection of Flamma774 fluorescent substance into the mice. The diffusion of matter within the mice body and concentration in the mice heart and brain are clearly visible. Gray color indicates the shape of body of mice and color red indicates the presence of fluorescent material in body.
For this imaging procedure, 774 nm excitation beams were applied to the mice and 806 nm emission beams were filtered and recorded by the camera.
All imaging procedures were performed by the FLUOVISION device.